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Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3

Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3
Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3
Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3
Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3

Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3    Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3
Chip Box OBD3 for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol. Power increase up to 30%. Torque increase up to 30%. Reducing fuel consumption: no change. Type of the procesor: Flash_Based, 8 Bit CMOS. Communication protocol: CAN (ISO15765/SAE J2480) / J1850 PWM / J1850 VPW / ISO9141 / ISO14230 (KWP2000) /ISO14229 (UDS). Engine capacity and mark of engine. Chip Box OBD3 is an improved product of the ProRacing. ChipBox OBD series, which has revolutionised the world market of car chip tuning.

Thanks to a new state-of-the-art device, we gain access to the ECU and modify it safely. This increases power and torque up to 30%. Modern technological solutions optimise the performance of the device in its entire operating range.

OBD_3_M - developed using an intelligent algorithm that processes the signal several times faster than the ProRacing. Chip Box OBD2 and even faster communicates with the vehicle's ECU. Voltage analysis system and voltage stabiliser - optimises the operation of the device, resulting in: the device deactivates every time the engine is stopped, when the vehicle is at standstill with the engine stopped, the device does not consume any electricity, the current consumption when the engine is running is minimal.

The best quality solder mask, protecting the electronic system against moisture, temperature changes, external pollution and corrosion processes. Chip Box OBD3 contains Microchip processor with built-in FLASH memory. In this memory, there is a three-dimensional data table, called the ignition map, which contains information on the boost pressure (in cars with a turbine), fuel injection rate, ignition angle, injection time. Depending on many real-time parameters, such as air temperature, current air density, RPM, throttle position and others, we modify this map and get more power, more torque and lower fuel consumption.

Pro Power Increase - Power Boost. Increase of power and a maximum speed of the car.

Stable and flexible work of the engine. Much better acceleration due to faster response to the gas pedal. Smooth shifting in cars with automatic transmission. Smooth acceleration from low engine speeds.

Reducing of turbo lag in turbocharged cars with petrol and diesel engines. Pro DRIVING SAFETY - Safety first Increase in driving dynamics. Easier and safer overtaking manoeuvre.

The device improves driving comfort. Improving driving dynamics and improving engine performance is equal to the increased road safety. When the device is connected, the torque increases significantly.

The car becomes more dynamic, better responsive to the gas pedal. The devices are sent directly from the headquarters of ProRacing. These prices include (where applicable) VAT.

On request, we issue a VAT invoice, please provide company details to the invoice in the order details. Prices are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have already sent you a Dispatch Confirmation. Whether your item has developed a fault, or is damaged, or you've simply just changed your mind, we're here to help.

In addition, the item needs to be in its original packaging for the return to be authorised. Wroclawska 261 59-220 Legnica Poland. We are here for you. How to install the ProRacing.

ASSEMBLY AND USE - IT IS VERY SIMPLE! After you'll receive the device just plug it into the diagnostic port. It will be set and ready to go! You can enjoy a better and more comfortable ride in just a minute.

No mechanic or workshop visits required! Detailed instructions will be included in the set you'll receive. Please make sure your car is off and all electrical components are in the OFF position. Make sure the ignition is in the OFF position and any device such as car radio, navigation, air conditioning, interior lighting, etc.

Connect the black 9-pin plug connector into the appliance. The device kit contains the connection cord. Plug the cord into the appliance with a relevant plug (D-Sub / DE9).

Use screws to secure the plug connection with the device. The plug of the included cord is equipped with two mounting screws. Use them to attach it to the device. This will secure the connection and prevent accidental disconnection during operation. Locate your car's OBDII port.

The OBDII diagnostic port can be usually found at the driver's side, under the steering wheel column. If you have any difficulty with finding the connector, please use'OBDII locations' diagrams placed on pages 14-16 of this manual.

Connect the ChipBox's OBD3 (16-pin) connector to the diagnostic port in the car. Insert the key into the ignition and turn the engine on!

You can turn the key in the ignition and start the engine. If the car does not start with the key, start the engine with the START / STOP button. The LEDs on the device should glow.

Find a small hole in the top of Chip Box casing. Use a thin object to press the reset button located on the circuit board underneath.

Press down the reset button. Begin riding with the Chip Box OBD3! The diode indication will confirm the operation of the device.

In order for the device to communicate fully with the ECU, it is necessary to drive from 100 to 150 kilometres. There's no need to drive over this distance at once (in one section). LOCALIZATION OF THE OBDII PORT. Driver's side, underneath dashboard, in the area under the steering column.

Driver's side, underneath dashboard, between the driver-side door and steering column area. Driver's side, underneath dashboard, between the steering column area and the central console (also includes connectors on the driver side but connected to the central console). Driver's side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the steering column and central console. Driver's side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the driver-side door and steering column. Central console, vertical surface i. Near radio and air-conditioning controls, on the left from the vehicle centerline. Central console, vertical surface on the right of the vehicle centerline or on passenger's side. Central console, horizontal surface i. Armrest, handbrake area, in the front passenger's area. Any other location than locations # 1-8 i. Rear passenger's area, passenger side glove box, top of dashboard near windshield.

Locations #1-3 represent preferable locations. Locations #4-8 epresent allowable locations. Connectors in location # 6, #6/7, and #7 may be covered by ashtrays, covers, cup holders, coin holders, etc.

Acura: 7/3/8 Aston Martin: 3 Audi: 1/2 Bentley: 2 BMW: 2/7 Buick: 1/3/2 Cadillac: 2 Chevrolet:3/2/1 Chrysler:2/3/1 Daewoo: 6/3/2 Dacia: 9/3/2/6 Dodge: 2/1 Eagle: 2 Ferrari: 3/1 Fiat: 2/1 Ford: 3/1/2 Geely: 3/2/1 GMC: 2 Honda: 2/3 HUMMER: 2 Hyundai: 2 Infiniti: 2 Isuzu: 2/3 Jaguar: 3/1 Jeep: 2 Kia: 3 Lamborghini: 3 Land Rover: 8/2 Lexus: 2 Lincoln: 3/1 Mazda: 2/3 Mercedes-Benz: 3/2/1 Mercury: 2/3/1 MINI:2/1/3 Mitsubishi: 3/2/1 Nissan: 2 Oldsmobile: 2/3/1 Plymouth: 2 Pontiac: 1/3/2 Porsche: 2 Rolls-Royce: 2/9 Saab: 1/3 Saturn: 2/1 Scion: 2/3 SsangYong: 3/2/1 Smart: 3 Subaru: 1/2 Suzuki: 3/2 Skoda: 3/2/1 Toyota: 1/2/3 Volkswagen: 2/1/4/7 Volvo: 2/8/6. The highest priority for us is the excellent quality of our products and the quality of customer service. All this is to ensure that users of our products are fully satisfied and satisfied. That thanks to our efforts, driving a car became a rare pleasure for them. CERTIFICATE IPC - RENEX EEC.

Our device and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of International Association of Manufacturers and the Electronic Industries (IPC). It also meets the European and international production standards. Thanks to IPC certification ProRacing. Has the guarantee of highest quality of products and services in the electronics industry. We offer professional assistance in choosing the product and its installation. A fully qualified team of ProRacing.

Employees supports you throughout the whole life of our devices. The satisfaction of our client is the most important to us. We care about customer's satisfaction because it is a measure of our highest success.

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  • Brand: Proracing

Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3    Chip Tuning Power Box for MINI Cooper S R53 petrol OBD3